Whether it is the summers or the winters, controlling the climate of your house is crucial for a comfortable living. At Airworx Air Conditioning, we understand your need for a comfortable breeze in the house that keeps your mood uplifted. With our air conditioning installations, you can rest assured of the right temperature whether it is the morning, afternoon, or night. If you are searching for air conditioning installation Homebush, you have arrived at the best place that caters to all your needs.

We provide the most cost-effective, highly efficient and long-lasting air conditioning installation Homebush and in the adjoining areas. All the air conditioning systems that we install are energy efficient and work with minimal sound so that you can enjoy your personal space better. We cover most of the top brands that are available in the market and which our clients prefer however, we can also arrange for any specific brand that you might want to use and is not readily available in the open market.

Advantages of using Airworx Air Conditioning Installations

The Installation is Fast and Easy – Whether it is a split AC system or a ducted AC installation, our work is simple, fast and quick. For residential split AC or commercial Split AC, the two modules can be placed up to 30m apart and need only a small hole in the wall to remain connected – thus making the installation highly efficient.

All installed units require minimum maintenance – Your air conditioning installation does not need a lot of upkeep or regular maintenance when you work with us. We install a simple unit that houses washable filters which can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. The outdoor units are designed and fixed in such a manner that you can access them easily.

Noiseless operations – Nothing beats how quietly our air conditioning installation functions, slowly working in the background so that you can focus on what is important.

Energy efficiency – If you believe in using as little energy as possible in order to fight climate change, we are here to assist you in any manner you wish. All our air conditioning systems are highly energy-efficient and consume lesser energy than other installations you might find in and around Homebush.

Design that suits your home – With Airworx Air Conditioning at your service, you will never have to worry about bulky designs and piercing shapes that ruin the entire décor of the room. With our expertise combined with your vision, you get the best units that suit the existing design scheme of the room in which the air conditioning is installed.

Air conditioning installation Homebush that you can believe in

We are a locally owned business that has been run by family members only. With over 15 years of experience in Homebush and adjoining areas, we have successfully installed air conditioners as a replacement or for new constructions for both residential and commercial establishments. We have a strong understanding of how this industry works and what are the latest trends and technologies being used. All our staff and workers are highly skilled people who are regularly trained. We are:

  • Family owned
  • Licensed team of personnel
  • Highly proficient in all our installations
  • Fully insured
  • Focused on customer service
  • Unbeatable at providing useful warranties

Whether you have a studio apartment or you own a 10,000 sq ft office space, we provide air con installations in all shapes and sizes. No job is big or small for us and each of our clients is equally provided for no matter what the requirement is. For your office, shop, or home we provide air conditioning systems that are just right for your space. We offer a comprehensive design and planning service to help our customers save costs.

If your air conditioning installation happened more than a decade ago, chances are there are several parts or the entire system that needs repairs. Over the years, the ACs stop performing as efficiently as they used to and this is where our technicians and staff come in. whenever you want, our specialist team will come to your doorstep and conduct a thorough repair and maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Contact us for an affordable and reliable service

For the last two decades, we have been providing the best service to all our customers that not only covers installations but also repairs if required. We have grown into a successful business only because of our excellent customer support and client satisfaction levels. What we offer is quality service at highly competitive prices which helped spread the word around quickly.

Our happy and satisfied customers are our biggest marketing strength helping us gain a sound footing in Homebush and nearby areas. You can reach out to us over the phone at 1300 479 201 and one of our sales reps will be delighted to help you out.