What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Purchasing appliances like air conditioners calls for extensive research. With the right model and installation, you can save your energy bills in the long run. Most importantly, you can rest assured that the appliance would cool down your home or business. However, you might be wondering what size air conditioner do I need?

When it comes to air conditioners, bigger units aren’t necessarily always the better. Also, purchasing a smaller unit can do more harm than good by making it over work. Whether you want to purchase the unit for your home or office, the first step is choosing the right size.

Choosing the size of your air conditioner

You need to consider some key aspects before choosing the right size for your air conditioner.

1. Size of the room

The size of the room which you want to cool or heat matters. Every room contains a certain volume of air. The larger the room, the higher the capacity the AC should be. Apart from the floor space, you also need to consider the height of the ceilings.For small kitchens, study rooms, or bedrooms with 20 square meters of space, your AC should have a capacity between 2 to 2.5 kW.

  • If you have a small lounge or bedroom with an ensuite with up to 40 square meters of space, get an AC with a capacity between 2.5 to 5 kW.
  • For larger spaces like bigger bedrooms, lounges, and kitchens with up to 60 meters of space, the capacity of your AC should be between 4 to 6 kW.
  • If you have open-plan areas or large lounges with more than 60 square meters of space, your AC should have a capacity between 5 to 9 kW.

2. Insulation

Check out whether the walls or ceilings of your property have the correct insulation. Also, you need to consider the material under and above the room. The insulation of your ceiling goes a long way in thermally insulating your home. In case you don’t have any insulation in place, you need an AC with a higher capacity.

For example, in a 30-square meter room with roof insulation, your AC capacity should be 2.4 kW. However, when you don’t have this insulation, you would need a higher capacity for your AC, around 3.4 kW.

3. Location

You need to factor in the general humidity level and climate of a location when you purchase your AC. In two different cities in Australia, the same type of houses might need different sizes of ACs. For homes located in dry or cooler areas, smaller units would be fine. However, if you reside somewhere with humid or warmer climates, the AC units need to be larger. Again, you need to check whether your house has direct exposure to sunlight. In this case, you would need an AC with higher capacity than a house enjoying the shades of trees.

Reach out to the experts to choose the right AC size

Apart from the aspects we have discussed, you also need to factor in the number of people residing in your home. Established companies like Airworx Air Conditioning can help you with air conditioning Sydney solutions. With professional support, you will be able to choose the right capacity for your air conditioner. The experts would also carry out a flawless installation at your place.